Our Mission

At Farmignite, our mission is to bridge the gap between time, knowledge, resources and farming as well as increase food security through digitise access to farm investments and resources such as farmland, farm managers and farm monitoring tools.

About us

FarmIgnite supports farming, supports nature and supports lives. Farmignite is a digital platform that helps you own a farm or invest in a farm

We provide people who are occupied with their daily 9am to 5pm work access to participate in agriculture through our web application that enables you to set up a farm project or crop at your comfort on your digital device at lower cost with flexible payment methods. Also managing the farm on your behalf, provide you with regular updates on your mobile device and visitation when required. We help you build a live long asset that will generate income for you regularly as well as contributing to solving some African problems such as food insecurity, unutilized arable land, decent work and economic development. As a civil servant looking to retire soon or working professional seeking financial security, start your personal farm today using the Farmignite platform.

Alternatively, you have the opportunity to invest smaller funds on farm projects, support a smallholder farmer and share in the harvest.

Our Team

Toheeb Abdulsalam
Chief Executive Officer

Comforth Msurshima
Director Market/sales

Dayo Awodola
Customer Relation Officer

Qudus Balogun
Chief Financial Officer

Ridwan Jimoh
Chief Technology Officer

Tomisin Shokale
Creative Executive

Yusuf Momohjimoh
Field Officer

And Recognition

At farmignite we believe in strong long-term relationships, collaboration and partnership that brings value to both businesses. Our strategy relies strongly on strategic selection of people and successful partnerships around the world