Start your personal farm projects from your mobile device, purchase verified lands and connect to experienced and professional farm managers to help execute and accomplish your agricultural goals at the lowest possible cost, with flexible payment methods.

Receive market information and regular project progress updates from your farm managers to monitor your farm comfortably from anywhere in the world on your mobile device.

Receive the appropriate land documents: deed of assignment
, receipts, 
certificate of occupancy
, survey plan.

Join us in creating jobs for youths in agriculture, empowering smallholder farmers, contributing to food availability, providing decent work and economic growth in Nigeria

How it works

Select a farm project or crop

Get started by selecting your preferred farm project or crop such as pineapple farm, Pepper farm, cashew farm, fish farm, poultry farm...

Farmland information

If you have farmland, provide your farmland information. Or If you don't have farmland, select and purchase farmland in your preferred location (receive documentation within a month).

Select a farm Manager

View all farm managers and compare cost, experience and reviews. Then, select your farm manager for your farm project.

Payment Method

Confirm project cost in your cart and proceed to payment. Select payment plan (instalment or full) and payment method (card or Bank transfer).

Access your farm project dashboard

Subscribe for farm management, access insurance cover and receive project commencement date. You can chat with your farm manager and monitor every activity (from land preparation to harvest) via videos, pictures and messages. Or visit your farm.

Connect to market

Check market prices on your dashboard and select your preferred market or offtaker for your produce. Your farm manager transports your produce to your preferred market/offtaker and receive your funds directly from the offtaker.

Setup Your Farm